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Check out the latest Hunting Report from Bohning Hunting Staff Jon Yokley: “October is the time of year that my friend Ken and I purchase a Javelina tag on a nearby Native American res. This hunt has proven to be good for us over the last few years. Javi’s are usually scarce, but with some work, it can turn in to a successful hunt. This year started out much different. Water sources were few and far between, the landscape was dry and dusty. Luckily we still had sustained feed from our cold & very wet winter. It ended up taking a few days to locate a few dirt tanks that still had a fair amount of water in them, along with some fresh signs of these little Desert Ghosts. On day three, we finally located a large herd moving through the thick pinion/juniper and cactus-covered hill. After getting the swirling morning winds figured out, I decided to make my way around the mountain and get in close and personal with the herd. The stalk ended up being a success, but as it normally does, the wind swirled and the herd scattered quickly. I started calling to bring them back. I used a Javelina call that resembles a rabbit in distress, they are sometimes fooled thinking that another is being attacked. Within seconds, I had four large Javi’s inside of bow range. I picked out a large, aggressive boar that was whoofing his way through the trees, finally stopping at 10 yards, but offering me only a frontal shot. As the sun was directly in his eyes, I decided to take advantage. I slowly drew, he caught movement, tensed up and turned broadside, and was getting ready to bolt, but I already had an arrow on its way. He ended up running a short 20 yards before falling over.”