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If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast, you are certain to have appreciated its breathtaking natural beauty. And, while there, if you visited Bucky’s Sport Shop, you are certain to understand their incredible service and history.

Bucky’s Sport Shop was started by Bucky Kennett 1947 (just one year after Bohning was founded!). Bucky was very interested in sports but only participated by coaching, refereeing, and serving as a fishing guide as polio had caused him to lose most of the use of his right arm. Bucky used his knowledge to start a sporting goods store, located at 171 Craig St in Duncan, BC, where it remains to this day. Originally he carried products for a variety of sports, but soon found his niche in fishing and archery when, in 1964, the newly-formed Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club asked Bucky to stock archery equipment.

It was decided that Bucky’s son, Richard Kennett, would give archery a try, and if he took a shine to it, he would join the club and begin selling archery goods in the store.

That is precisely what happened, and Richard Kennett and his brother Calvin still own and run the business. It has remained very-much a family-run business, with Bucky’s wife Fern, daughter Arlene (who also picked up archery), and Richard and Calvin’s wives all working at the shop for a time. Bucky Kennett worked until his death in 1987.

Bucky’s Sport Shop remains a family-owned and operated business dedicated to customer service. They provide archery, fishing, and hunting equipment, as well as camping gear, shoes, and outdoor clothing. Bohning is proud for the great people at Bucky’s to represent our brand.

Current owners Calvin & Richard Kennett & employee Amanda Berry

Check out what
Bucky’s has to offer:

171 Craig St.
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada V9L 1V8

+1 250-746-4923

[email protected]

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