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Blazer X2® Vanes

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Quick Overview

• Best for outdoor field, 3D & FITA (not recommended for fixed blade broadheads)
• Lower profile, shorter version of the Blazer® vane
• 1.85” in length, 0.44" in height
• 4.8 grains in weight


The Blazer X2® is a lower profile, shorter version of the Blazer® vane. Designed for 3D, target and spot shooters, the X2 is the flattest shooting vane ever produced! Specifically designed to maintain a flatter trajectory at longer distances and provide maximum steerage with less wind drift, resulting in the most accurate vane ever. Works great for crossbow arrows too! 

Patent #7,914,406 B2, Design Patent #D606,615 S

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  • "Use for hunting"

    As the heading states. Gives me the perfect amount of clearance on my Synergy. Fletched them on some GT velocity 300's with a shwacker front end. I have even shot them with regular broad heads and poi was dead on. If your bow is tuned right, they do what needs to be done. Love these things. I used an ez fletch and the helical is just perfect with these vanes.

    — Tim (05/24/2016, 02:03 AM)