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Zen Vane

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Quick Overview

• Designed for indoor spots
• Solves clearance issues when using large diameter shafts


For years Bohning has been known for its innovations in vane design and 2019 continues that trend with the debut of the new Zen Vane for indoor spots. The Zen’s 0.37” height solves clearance issues on large diameter arrows, while its 4” length provides optimal steerage. Pre-primed, and made from the durable Blazer® material you know and trust, the new Zen vane takes the guess-work out of your shot and the frustration out of fletching. 101047PU4 101047HP4 101047RD4 101047NR4 101047NO4 101047NY4 101047NG4 101047TL4 101047SB4 101047BL4 101047SL4 101047WH4 101047BK4 101047AF4 101048PU4 101048HP4 101048RD4 101048NR4 101048NO4 101048NY4 101048NG4 101048TL4 101048SB4 101048BL4 101048SL4 101048WH4 101048BK4 101048AF4 101049PU4 101049HP4 101049RD4 101049NR4 101049NO4 101049NY4 101049NG4 101049TL4 101049SB4 101049BL4 101049SL4 101049WH4 101049BK4 101049AF4

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