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X Vanes™ - Shield Cut

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• Designed for field and FITA style archery
• Blazer® vane material
• 1.5" in length, 0.3" in height, 3 grains in weight
• 1.75" in length, 0.375" in height, 3.5 grains in weight
• 2.25" in length, 0.325" in height, 5 grains in weight
• 3" in length, 0.5" in height, 10 grains in weight
• 3.5" in length, 0.5" in height, 12 grains in weight


Target archers are benefiting from the "X-Treme" durability and "X-Treme" accuracy of Bohning X Vanes™!   X Vanes™ incorporate 60 years of arrow building expertise - quality, durability and accuracy are built into every vane.  No wonder so many top archers have switched to X-Vanes™ with their low profile, incredible performance and fletch clearance second to none!

"I use Bohning X-Vanes - these vanes stand up to the punishment of shooting hundreds of arrows every day, plus I like the colours and ease of application." - Bohning International Pro Staff, Paralympian and double World Championship gold medalist John Stubbs, interview in Bow International Magazine Issue 90

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  • "Bohning x vane"

    I have been using the 1.75 x vane for 2 years on my 3 d arrows.these vanes hold up well and are extremely durable.the lighter weight along with there durability and color selection make these a very good choice for any arrow especially a target arrow

    — Alan (08/28/2015, 05:52 PM)