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Triple Tower® Jig

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Quick Overview

• Fletch all 3 vanes at once precisely 120° apart
• 1° offset arms fletch vanes up to 4"
• 3° right helical arms fletch vanes up to 3"
• Straight arms fletch vanes up to 4"


The Tower® saves time, increases arrow production and provides the easiest and most precise vane placement! 


6 Center Posts - A, Crossbow, F, H.E., Pin, Standard

3 Collar Rings - Small, Large, X-Large

All Tower® system arms are compatible with the Tower® Jig base. Replacement or additional arms sold separately.

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  • "Quick & easy 3 vane fletching"

    This is a really easy fletching jig to use. The only hassle is putting on the tape that stops glue sticking to the arms. Make sure you have split the tape all the way to the bottom of the slots, otherwise the vanes won't be level.

    — Steve (06/09/2015, 12:27 AM)