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Signature® Nock

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Quick Overview

• Press fit nock with smooth throat
• Index & alignment feature
• OD - .245" ("Standard Carbon")
• Weight - 12.7 grains


Made of durable, impact resistant polycarbonate. 1006AP 1006BK 1006KW 1006LM 1006NG 1006NO 1006NY 1006PU 1006RS 1006TG 1006TL 1006WH 1008AP 1008BK 1008KW 1008LM 1008NO 1008NY 1008PU 1008RS 1008TG 1008TL 1008WH 1009AP 1009BK 1009KW 1009LM 1009NO 1009NY 1009PU 1009RS 1009TG 1009TL 1009WH

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