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Impulse™ Vanes

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Quick Overview

• Best for recurve bows
• Very low profile for best resistance to strong crosswinds & unpredictable weather
• Revolutionary new lightweight composite material
• 3" in length, 0.3" in height, 4 grains in weight
• 4" in length, 0.3" in height, 5 grains in weight




The newest addition to the Bohning family of vanes is the IMPULSE™ - this revolutionary vane is the result of over 2 years of research in aerodynamics and materials engineering. Impulse™ is the super low-profile, light-weight, high-durability vane that is blowing away the competition across the country and the globe. Thanks to its low profile, the Impulse™ has 14% less chance of hitting the arrow rest than the leading Mylar vane. Further tests show that in the event of rest contact, there is significantly less shaft deflection than with Mylar vanes. The composite vane material [a technology typically used in the aerospace industry] maintains its stiffness while resulting in 50% less weight than our standard material. This, combined with its low profile, makes the Impulse™ very efficient in high winds and unstable conditions. Though this vane was designed primarily for Olympic Recurve shooters, compound shooters around the world are also reporting fabulous results.

Patent # 8,388,474 B1

"Souple et résistante à la fois, c'est ce qui me plait avec ces plumes" -Chrystelle Garitat, Bohning International Pro Staff.

“I shot the 3” Impulse vanes at Kennesaw Archery Club so I could shoot them at a myriad of distances and the 3 hour drive was worth it!! Not only did the Impulse™ group great, but the tune of the bows didn't really change. I used to have right to left issues as I changed distances, but this didn't happen yesterday. 70 meters was grouping and when I moved to 50 meters I didn't have any issues with where my groups went. Also, some of the targets need their material changed out so I had some wicked pass-through too. The Impulse™ vanes came through perfectly!! I used to shoot Italian vanes after using spin vanes, they are a stiffer Mylar, but would still have breakage from contact with the rest or the clicker. None of those issues with the Impulse™. I had some amazing groups, even though I'm fighting a horrible cold and just cranked the poundage up on the bows a bit for outdoor. I tested against the Eli Vanes and the Gas Pro vanes. Pass-through on those vanes aren't as bad as with Spin Wings but they still get trashed or creased. I had 6 of each vane fletched up and the groups with the Impulse™ were just tighter, no doubt about it. Plus I like that they're made in America! I'll be fletching more arrows with the Impulse to take with me to the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center to test in the sometimes wickedly gusting winds there. The Impulse™ vanes are very forgiving of my shooting style and have won me over. I'm shooting Bohning!” -Lee Ford, Paralympic Recurve Archer, Team USA 2012.

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  • "Great Vanes!!"

    Hello, I'm a recurve archer. I fletched my ACG from Kurly (mylar) vanes to this beauties a few months ago. The first improvement was that i didn´t had to refletch every round, not even for pass-though. That was good enough.

    At first my grouping became little wider, not too much. But as they sync in so did I. Now my groups are as tight as with Mylar. I had no loss of range in my arrows, and that is a lot for a non-mylar.

    Excellent Product, won't change for a big while.
    Greets from Mex.

    — JLZenizo (08/12/2014, 02:49 AM)