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Air Vanes

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Quick Overview

• Designed for field archery
• Great for long distances and lighter arrows
• 2” in length, 0.3" in height
• 4.5 grains in weight


The Air Vanes have the same ultra-low profile height as the Ice Vane, with an X-Vane Shield Cut inspired tail. 101026BK2 101026BL2 101026HP2 101026NG2 101026NO2 101026NR2 101026NY2 101026PU2 101026RD2 101026SB2 101026WH2 101027BK2 101027BL2 101027HP2 101027NG2 101027NO2 101027NR2 101027NY2 101027PU2 101027RD2 101027SB2 101027WH2 101028BK2 101028BL2 101028HP2 101028NG2 101028NO2 101028NR2 101028NY2 101028PU2 101028RD2 101028SB2 101028WH2 101026CF2 101027CF2 101028CF2

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