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  1. "All-In-One" Serving DVD

    • Instructional DVD • Step-by-step serving procedure, from string care to back serving • Hosted by Marv Long of TailorMade Bowstrings Learn More
  2. "All In One" Serving Kit

    • Everything needed to center serve bowstring • Includes cable spreader, string separator, serving tool with thread and wax • Includes instructional DVD Learn More
  3. Mini-Server

    • Great for travel & quick fixes • Eliminates the need for a cable spreader • Winged design fits in-between your fingers



    Learn More
  4. Mini-Server Bobbin

    • #62XS .021 serving thread • 2 pack Learn More
  5. Self-Serve Cable Spreader

    • Separates cables in top & bottom slots • Provides a large work area • Keeps cable down and out of the way Learn More
  6. Serve-Tite String Server

    • Adjustable tension & smooth thread flow • Dimensions - 2.25" x 1" x 2.5" Learn More
  7. String Separator

    • Fast & easy installation of serving, peeps, silencers, etc • Easily inserts into strands without damaging • Twist to separate strings Learn More

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