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"T" Nock

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Quick Overview

• Available while supplies last

• Designed for aluminum and wood swedged end shafts
• Incorporates a tight fit with a deep throat
• Available in 3 sizes (11/32”, 5/16” and 1/4" - only in white)


Incorporates a tight fit with a deep throat. Safety nodes are built into the rear of the throat to keep arrow on the bowstring during draw and let-down. For all swedged end shafts.

Availabe in :

11/32" (14.8 grains)

5/16" (13.9 grains)

1/4" (5.9 grains) - Available in white 1,000 pack only.

1054TAP11/32 1054TAP5/16 1054TLM11/32 1054TLM5/16 1054TRS11/32 1054TRS5/16 1054TWH11/32 1054TWH5/16 1054TYE11/32 1054TYE5/16 1055TAP11/32 1055TAP5/16 1055TLM11/32 1055TLM5/16 1055TRS11/32 1055TRS5/16 1055TWH11/32 1055TWH5/16 1055TYE11/32 1055TYE5/16 1056TAP11/32 1056TAP5/16 1056TLM11/32 1056TLM5/16 1056TRS11/32 1056TRS5/16 1056TWH1/4 1056TWH11/32 1056TWH5/16 1056TYE11/32 1056TYE5/16

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