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Flat Crossbow Nock

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• Durable, precise polycarbonate nocks
• Available in 2 sizes (.2985 diameter and .303 diameter)
• 9.3 grains in weight
• Use style recommended by crossbow mfg


Flat press fit crossbow nocks. 401001NO 401001NY 401001NG 401001WH 401001BK 401002NO 401002NY 401002NG 401002WH 401002BK 401003NO 401003NY 401003NG 401003WH 401003BK 401014NO 401014NY 401014NG 401014WH 401014BK 401015NO 401015NY 401015NG 401015WH 401015BK 401016NO 401016NY 401016NG 401016WH 401016BK

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