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Classic Nock

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Quick Overview

• Traditional nock designed for swedged end shafts (wood & aluminum), long bow & finger shooters
• Index & alignment feature
• 5/16" Weight - 10 grains
• 11/32" Weight - 13 grains


Bohning classic nocks are the best glue-on nocks out there!   The classic nock incorporates an indexer for quick and easy alignment, and provides a deep soft-snap onto the string.   10132BK11 10132BK5 10132BL11 10132BL5 10132LM11 10132LM5 10132OR11 10132OR5 10132RD11 10132RD5 10132WH11 10132WH5 10132YE11 10132YE5 10132NB5 10132NB11 10132BR5 10132BR11 10132AP5 10132AP11 10132RS5 10132RS11 10132PU5 10132PU11 10133BK11 10133BK5 10133BL11 10133BL5 10133LM11 10133LM5 10133OR11 10133OR5 10133RD11 10133RD5 10133WH11 10133WH5 10133YE11 10133YE5 10133NB5 10133NB11 10133AP5 10133AP11 10133RS5 10133RS11 10133PU5 10133PU11 10133BR5 10133BR11 10132PL5 10133PL5 10132PL11 10133PL11

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