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Premium Fletching Tape

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Quick Overview

• Designed for Mylar vanes & feathers
• Works on all shaft surfaces
• Length - 720"
• Width - 0.1875"
• Machine cut without lubricant so no dead zones in the roll
• One roll fletches approximately 3 dozen arrows with 5" fletchings or 9 dozen arrows with 2" fletchings


Creates a strong, reliable bond on contact.

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  • "Good stuff"

    This stuff takes some practice, especially when separating the backing from the tape. Once the feather is on the shaft, though, it's probably not going anywhere. Unless you put the arrow completely through the target (voice of experience). Even then, it's much easier to refletch with this than with glue. The adhesive comes off pretty easily with a little scraping and some acetone.

    I won't use anything else for feathers.

    — MTColl28734 (11/01/2015, 02:53 PM)