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Blazer® Bond

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Quick Overview

• Instant glue designed for vanes, points, inserts, swedged nocks, outserts & bushings
• Works on all shaft types
• Clamp time 20 seconds, cure time 2 hours
• Use a very thin bead for best adhesion


Use even less glue for maximum adhesion with the fastest cure time.

To prevent from drying out prematurely, glue may be stored inside a plastic bag or container & kept in a refrigerator NOT containing food or beverages. 301015 301016

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  • "Best glue yet!!!"

    I all about gave up on blazers because Platinum, though a 100% effective glue, just took too long. Blazer Bond allows me to fletch up three arrows in less than a minute an arrow and they're ready to shoot as soon as they're out of the jig.

    — GVDocHoliday (08/19/2014, 02:09 PM)