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Bronco® Vanes

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Quick Overview

• Recommended for hunting & indoor spot shooting
• Blazer® vane material
• 4” in length, 0.5" in height
• 12.5 grains in weight


4 inches of pure performance, and the perfect combination of flexibility and firmness.  No cleaning, no fuss! The base of the Bronco® Vanes are chemically treated to promote adhesion. Maximum accuracy, maximum durability, and minimum noise! Length 4", Height 0.5", 12.5 Weight Grains 10501BK4 10501HP4 10501NG4 10501NO4 10501NY4 10501RD4 10501SB4 10501WH4 10502BK4 10502HP4 10502NG4 10502NO4 10502NY4 10502RD4 10502SB4 10502WH4 10503BK4 10503HP4 10503NG4 10503NO4 10503NY4 10503RD4 10503SB4 10503WH4

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