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Ice Vane

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Quick Overview

• Designed for outdoor target shooting
• Provides excellent aerodynamic stability (ideal in windy conditions)
• Made with Blazer® material for superior durability
• 3" in length, 0.3" in height
• 6.5 grains in weight


This revolutionary vane was developed in collaboration with world class archers. The Ice Vane is designed for outdoor target shooting. It's ultra low profile which is ideal for windy conditions. World Class Archers Dominique Genet, Pierre-Julien Deloche and Sebastien Peineau recommend the following :

Most accurate with distances up to 70 meters

Best fletched at a small offset

The offset provides the best grouping, avoids impact upon release and avoides tearing upon contact with target

Best used with heavy and thin shafts OR a field point of at least 110 grains



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