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Olympic Recurve Griffin Vanes

Enter here for your chance to win $100 in Griffin Vanes!

Are you a serious Olympic Recurve Shooter?

If you said yes, we are looking for your honest feedback to the newest innovation available for Olympic Recurve vanes on the market today.

The new Griffin Vane offers optimum performance, durability, and convenience for archers shooting Olympic style bows. At 1.2 grains per vane, it is extremely lightweight, and the reduced profile height provides plenty of clearance for your clicker, arrow rest, and riser. The minimal “cut-out” surface area prevents crosswinds from affecting arrow flight, and the twisted ribbon design aids in arrow rotation which provides steerage. The best part? It’s made of durable, non-deforming vane material, so one pack will last you a really, really long time.

We can tell you how great the Griffin vane is until we’re blue in the face, but we know you’d rather test it for yourself.  That’s why we’re giving away two 40-packs of Griffin Vanes (that’s a $100 value!) to 15 lucky Olympic recurve archers. All we ask in return is feedback from you on what you think of this new vane. Images and Video testimonials are a bonus! Please fill out the survey on this page completely to be considered.

Entries must be submitted before 14 May 2021, we will contact you no later than 4 June to let you know if you’ve won.  Feel free to share this with your friends.

Click Here to read more about the Griffin Vane, including fletching tips.

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