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Crest-Lac Paint

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Quick Overview

• Acrylic waterborne paint, non hazardous, no VOC
• Dries to a glossy, extremely hard layer on any shaft in 24-36 hours (based on humidity in drying area)
• Improves shaft appearance and fletching adhesion

• Cannot be shipped in freezing temperatures


Crest-Lac paints are Waterborne coatings that dry to an extremely glossy and durable opaque finish. Crest-Lac was formulated using state-of-the-art technology which offers the glossiest finish of all similar coating types on the market. Crest-Lac Paints are available in a variety of colors, with each color formulation being of the same high quality. Crest-Lac paints work well for crown dips and cresting. This new coating technology yields a paint that doesn’t separate as quickly as other Waterborne paints, and mixes back to a perfect consistency very easily. Crest-Lac has the best flow and leveling of all other waterborne paints, so the shafts will show no brush marks when dry. You will achieve crisp edges on even the finest of stripes, as this paint won’t bleed.

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