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Bolt Vanes

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Quick Overview

• Made of new stiffer vane material
• Prevents vane flap for a smooth bolt rotation
• Primed base for optimum adhesion
• Extremely quiet and durable
• 3.5” in length, 0.5" in height
• 11.5 grains in weight


The Bolt Vanes are designed specifically for Crossbows to withstand higher velocity and stabilize bolts for up to 100 yards. 101033BK35 101033HP35 101033NG35 101033NO35 101033NY35 101033RD35 101033SB35 101033WH35 101034BK35 101034HP35 101034NG35 101034NO35 101034NY35 101034RD35 101034SB35 101034WH35 101035BK35 101035HP35 101035NG35 101035NO35 101035NY35 101035RD35 101035SB35 101035WH35

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