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Blazer® 4" Arrow Wrap

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• Solid Edition


Each package contains 13 arrow wraps

X-Large is 1.5" wide and fits between a 25-64" and 56/64" shaft

Large is 1.375" wide and fits between a 20/64" and 24/64" shaft

Standard is 1.125" wide and fits up to a 19/64" shaft

Small is 1" wide and fits up to a 17/64" shaft

Extra Small is 0.875" wide and fits up to a 14/64" shaft

501031HP 501031NG 501031NO 501031NR 501031NY 501031REF 501031WH 501031TL 501031PU 501032HP 501032NG 501032NO 501032NR 501032NY 501032REF 501032WH 501032TL 501032PU 501033HP 501033NG 501033NO 501033NR 501033NY 501033REF 501033WH 501033TL 501033PU

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