Randy Oitker

Randy Oitker

Staffer Details

Name: Randy Oitker

City: Plainville

State: Illinois

Country: United States

Got Started Shooting How:

Randy Oitker was born March 2, 1987 and lives on the family farm in Plainville, IL. Randy started shooting a bow at the age of 8 and by the age of 10 he had won 5 North American Bowhunters (NABH) qualifiers, the NABH World Championship and the NABH Shooter of the Year. Randy continued shooting the Pro archery tournament circuit winning over 17 national titles, 2 World Championships and 3 Shooter... of the Year awards by the age of 12.

Currently, Randy is the newest exhibition shooter on Shooting USA'S Impossible Shots TV Show on the Outdoor Channel.


Randy currently is still performing at outdoor expos and events all across the country and internationally. Randy is also an outdoor writer and contributes articles to National Bowhunter Magazine. Randy performed in 2009 in London, England at the Pinewood Movie Studios for the Guinness World Records Smashed TV Show, where he made several new Guinness World Records of "The most balloons burst simultaneously by arrows with one shot of his bow".

Randy recently returned from Hollywood, CA. where Randy broke another Guinness World Record on the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show on Nov.4, 2010. Randy burst 7 balloons with one shot with 7 arrows simultaneously. Videos can be seen at www.randyoitker.com