Lynx® 4 Quiver

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  • Black
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Mathews Lost Camo
  • Mathews Lost Camo AT
  • Mossy Oak Blaze Pink
  • Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity
  • Realtree APG

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Quick Overview

Lynx® 4 Quiver

• Dual retainer quiver
• Molded hood & liner for quiet storage of any style of broadhead
• Lightweight, durable molded stem


The Lynx® features a "wrap-around" hood style and a light weight, durable molded stem. A second retainer bar and cutaway hood ease removal and installation of your arrow shafts. Retainers securely hold arrows with fixed or mechanical broadheads inside a replaceable, sound dampening hood liner.

Lever-Lock Mounting System

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