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Chameleon™ 5 Quiver

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Quick Overview

Chameleon™ 5 Quiver

• Rubber hood won't dull broadheads (fits fixed-blade & mechanical broadheads)
• High-impact polycarbonate stem provides the strength of metal without the weight
• Built-in hook for quick hanging & easy storage
• 4" of vertical adjustment


The Chameleon™ quiver combines form, function and style!  The versatility of the vented dual 'angle load' arrow retainers enable you to securely lock all shaft sizes into place, and the slim design of the Chameleon™ keeps it tight to your bow. We take it further, making YOU the designer - customize your quiver with a secure yet easily interchangeable camo plate in your pattern of choice to match your gear or surroundings.

Lever-Lock Mounting System

Proudly made in the USA!

“The Chameleon Quiver (5 and 3), are compact and versatile. They hold tight to the bow for those brushy or blind situations, quiet with the rubber interior, and hold the arrows tight. The rubber interior not only is quiet but keeps your broadheads sharp as there is no foam for the blades to rub against when being pulled in and out. Its light weight and the angle of the quiver is adjustable on the mount. The Chameleon, like the name suggests, can be changed to match the camo or black on your bow. Come hunting season, it's the only quiver you will find on my bow!” -Brian Rusher, Bohning® ProStaff, USA

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